Когда идёт дождь, посмотри на небо - и ты увидишь двух ангелов, исполняющих танец Смерти.

The March issue of the US Vogue has our first look at the clothing line Emma designed with Alberta Ferretti. “Pure Threads” is ‘an environmentally friendly line of bohemian dresses, lace-embroidered denim, and an ultra-feminine blouse.’ “The collection is completely organic, from the picking and spinning of our cottons to the washing, weaving and dyeing of our textiles”, says Ferretti. She asked Emma to collaborate with her after she saw Emma’s People Tree collection last year. Emma quickly agreed. “I’m happy to encourage anyone interested in making conscientious clothing from raw, sustainable materials, so much that I’ll work for free.” Thanks to Stephanie and The Stylist Site.

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